Racing & Training

Racing & traning was on hold this month while I recovered from a sprained ankle.  Soft tissue injuries seem to take forever to heal. Not easy to miss some of the big races – Boston Rebellion is one of my favorites, and I had hopes of making it to Windham. I took the opportunity to get out on my other wheels.


After a few weeks of complete rest, I was able to get back on the trainer.

Beginners Clinics

With the break in training and racing, I found this an opportune time to start the Beginner’s Clinics Series of rides for Pedal Montclair. I’ve always felt that a series of clinics is a highly effective way to improve skills – focusing on just a few main skills and drilling those into muscle memory. Then building upon that foundation in each subsequent clinic.

Pedal Shop Rides

By the end of the month, I was able to join back in on the Thursday Shop Ride.


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