2018 is starting off with a bang!

Ticked off a bucket-list item this weekend at Egg Harbor Township BMX Track! Had an absolute blast racing the 24″ wheel category (cruiser class – 1st place), the Women’s 20″ wheel category (expert – 3rd place) and jumped into the Pro-Am class too. (20″ – didn’t place). I love trying and learning new things and this did not disappoint. The women were just amazing – so welcoming, friendly, helpful and lightning fast!

Kristine Contento-Angell 1st BMX Cruiser class

The start gate was something totally new. Starting in a track stand and jumping as the gate drops is a whole ball of wax I had no clue about. Some great tips from John Gill Jr. and I was rocking those starts… well, the track stand part, the jump part can certainly use some work. 😉

Kristine Contento-Angell BMX EHT - Jack frost race 3rd place 20" W class

The track itself is like riding a pump track on steroids – and the burn that sets into your legs by the last stretch is brutal. I really enjoyed pushing through that fire. When it’s only going to last a few more seconds, it’s easier to push that burn aside and dig in – a very different experience to the mental fatigue of feeling that burn on an xc course.

The day was chilly with gusting wind. A physically demanding aspect I hadn’t anticipated was shivering in between motos. No matter how much i bundled up with blankets, huddled behind wind blocks and layered on jackets, I simply couldn’t not stop the sheen of sweat from the race from chilling my body. Then, of course, the challenge became warming back up for the short and intense race. I had 9 separate race starts spread across 6 hours.

Major shout out to Pedal Montclair for setting me up with the whips to make all this happen! #supportyourlocalbikeshop

Big thanks to both John Gills for all their advice, instruction and for manning the New Jersey Interscholastic Mountain Biking – NICA tent.

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Photos: JPennucci Photography

Next up is the H2hrace.com mountain bike series, race #1 – Mayhem in South Jersey.

Kristine Contento-Angell BMX race


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