I know my legs are still fried from the Stewart 45. I know that I’m mentally and physically in need of recovery time after the final peak of the my season in Boston. I know this, I do, but I just can’t help racing the summer scramble – this course is just too fun to pass up. So, off season can start tomorrow. 🙂


Pre-ride with the MTBNJ boys.


This nice fellow let me borrow his pump. Thanks for helping me out!

11221943_10206797279786556_6471255483889879033_nTrying to hide in the shade while waiting for our starts.


Small field for today’s race. Man is that sun hot!


And we are off!11204900_1603315983263360_3968170581094458212_n

A few gruelling laps later I roll through in 3rd place!11888121_1603315973263361_3200026588246867666_n
Ok, I think the season is really over now.






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